About Us

RentSense is a breakthrough suite of products offering new levels of protection for property owners and managers, while providing relief from burdensome move-in costs for renters.

The RentSense core product is Deposit Plus+, a security deposit alternative.

Property owners are provided with 50% greater protection against rent defaults and damages.

Renters move in to an apartment without the cost burden associated with high security deposits.

Deposit Plus+ is a win-win for both property owners and renters.


RentSense also offers Renters Plus+ is renters insurance like no other, as well as Legal Liability and Pet Bite Liability. The RentSense portfolio of products were created by professionals devoted to changing the rental experience for the better, for both property owners and renters.

RentSense Deposit Plus+ is written through an Admitted, AM Best A Rated insurance carrier, backed by State Guaranty Associations.

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RentSense Team


RentSense is a diverse group of talented and experienced people who genuinely like what they do, and want to change the rental experience for the better, for both property owners and renters. Our expert team of insurance professionals have over 70 years in the business, and have excelled at identifying needs in the marketplace and creating an equitable solution, winning multiple awards along the way.  Our business expertise and acumen come as a result of years in the multifamily and single- family industries, and over 40 years of legal experience.

The RentSense extended team includes a network of partnerships we’ve built to further leverage our coverage in the marketplace, and make an even greater impact on our customers, their business and their lives.

As a team, RentSense looks at the rental market from the perspective of our customers. Our goal is to help them achieve their goals.

Sales & Marketing


Sales Offices

  • Atlanta, GA
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  • Los Angeles, CA


Marketing Office

Resonate Marketing – Thousand Oaks, CA

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