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RentSense - Pets

RentSense Pets liability protection covers damages caused by renter’s pets. Renters pay a small fee to the landlord to insure against damages caused by their pets.

RentSense Pets

RentSense Pets offers two products: Property Damage Legal Liability and Pet Liability.
Property Damage Legal Liability protection covers damages caused by renter’s pets to a leased premise.
Coverage is available for all types of pets. Provides “best friend” protection for landlords.
Tenant-paid fee.

Pet Liability covers bodily injury caused by pets, i.e. dog bites.

Pet Screening- in conjunction with Petscreening.com, pets are profiled, i.e. history, training, behavioral statistics of breeds. A comprehensive report includes photos, vaccinations, microchips, with special sections for assistant animals.
Property owner receives a FIDO score on each pet.
Tenant-paid fee for screening.

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