Taking the Deposit Out of Security™

Property owners pay in excess of tens of millions of dollars annually in rent defaults and damages, not covered by security deposits.

RentSense is a national insurance firm with a broad portfolio of products, specifically designed to provide property owners with greater protection against default and damages. Click on the links below to learn more about each of the RentSense products.

That’s RentSensibility.


Rentsense - deposit plus

  • Replaces traditional security deposits
  • Provides six weeks of protection
  • Creates a new revenue stream

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renters plus

  • Tenant paid renter’s insurance
  • Protects tenants and property owners
  • Broad form coverage, including theft

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Rentsense - legal liability

  • Protection against tenant-caused damages
  • Tenant paid
  • Covers fire, smoke, water damage

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RentSense - Pets

  • Pet screening risk assessment
  • Pet bite protection
  • Zero cost to property owners

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RentSense Insurance Provider

RentSense is a national security deposit insurance provider. Deposit Plus+ is available in 44 states, with more on the way.